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Starting out on a gluten free diet can be incredibly frustrating. Worse if you are already on an unconventional nutritional lifestyle such as vegetarian or vegan.

And if you're like me when I was new to this diet, you're likely feeling like a fish out of water. Thoroughly confused, frustrated, or just plain miffed at the thought of living what seems like a very restrictive diet while giving up your favorite breads and pastries.

Or it could be that you're gratefully relieved to finally know there's a light at the end of your leaky gut tunnel, so to speak :)

gluten free vegetarian

Perhaps you were recently diagnosed with celiac disease, and you were told that the only treatment for your condition is to radically shift the way you eat and live.

Or it may be that like me, you've suffered for years from agonizing symptoms you could never quite put a finger on. You did your research (or not!) but somehow happened upon the knowledge that all along, wheat and other glutenous grains may be the root cause of your issues.

Maybe you're new to the gluten free diet, or you could be well versed with it but want to learn a little more. You may be a vegetarian or vegan, or purely curious about these lifestyles. Or maybe you're just plain interested in eating a healthy diet that precludes the junk we've been unconsciously programmed to consume.

Regardless, you've come to the right place.

I've been a gluten free vegetarian for a few years now. I became a vegetarian by choice, but eating gluten free is a necessity. I wouldn't want it any other way however.

Sure you will have to deal with some inconveniences. Having to be really careful where you eat out or feeling like you can't just go to any party. Perhaps it's the dealing with the guilt of inconveniencing your family members as they may also have to make this shift with you.

So, I know exactly how critical it is to have a place you can trust to get the support and information that you need, which is what this site is about.

A good place to start might be looking through these recipes and food guide as well as educating yourself about gluten sensitivities as well as other food allergies.

As well, if you have any questions about anything gluten or vegetarian related, do not hesitate to contact me. This is a service I happily provide my readers for free, because chances are if you have the question, someone else does.

I may not always have the answer right at my fingertips, but my passion is researching and writing about health and nutrition, so I'll work on digging it up for you!

Meanwhile, to receive the gluten free vegetarian scoop and goodies I reserve for my most loyal readers, sign up for your e-zine. It's safe and free.


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