Tips on How To Find Restaurants
Serving Gluten Free Food

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Here's the most obvious tip on restaurants serving gluten food that you may not have thought about: Raw Food Restaurants.

Even if you're not vegan or raw food, I urge you to look up a raw food restaurant in your area and try them out.

Apart from rare cases, most of their food is by default made without gluten.

This is because wheat and other grains need to be cooked to even be close to digestible, even for those people with a perfect digestive system.

Caveat: and this is an important one: some raw food restaurants will make exception to serving some type of cooked item. And guess which item that is likely to be?

You're right! Breads.

So be sure to ask ANY time you're served baked goods and pastries to make sure they're gluten free, I don't care where you're eating.

By the way, if you've never tried a raw food restaurant, I urge you to suspend your disbelief and visit one soon. Even for you meat eaters.

You'll be surprised at how incredibly delectable the food is.

I do know that The Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida has die-hard fans who are both meat eaters and non-meat eaters.

If you can't find a raw food restaurant in your area, here are more tips for you on gluten free restaurant guide.

3 Categories of Restaurants Serving Gluten Free Food

1. Those that are exclusively gluten free - as stated before, there are a handful of these around the country. They may be found in the more metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco, or what I call the hippie cities such as Austin and Boulder.

[Are you so fortunate as to live in a town with a restaurant serving gluten free food exclusively? Click here to write a quick review]

2. Those with an extensive gluten free menu - some restaurants and eateries have now recognized that gluten free eating is not a passing hippie movement, but a health related dietary need.

Many of these now have gluten free menu items. I have found that most special food type restaurants, such as vegan and vegetarian cafes will have a gluten free menu option most of the time.

Free Resources

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants are also highly likely to have a gluten free menu option.

This is because these types of restaurants are already focused on catering to special needs customers, and gluten free is right up there.

You can find an extensive (and free!) list of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants at Happy Cow. I highly recommend it as your gluten free restaurant guide as well.

Don't forget to come back and share your experience so that others can be encouraged to try it out. Yelp is also another good site to look for local reviews.

3. Those that acknowledge gluten free - these kinds of restaurants won't have a gluten free menu but they at least have an idea of what you're talking about if you mention it.

They may therefore be willing to modify an existing menu item to make it gluten free for a customer. For example, for fajitas they may use corn tortillas instead of wheat.

I've found that most Mexican food restaurants will always have corn tortillas, so that is usually a good bet.

With my reader's help, that is you, I'm building a free gluten free restaurant guide resource that we can all turn to even when we are traveling around the world.

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A point of warning: be very careful when you eat out at these restaurants that aren't specifically catering to gluten free needs. This is because a lot of their food will likely be cross contaminated.

Use your personal judgement as to how much risk you want to take.

Always remember that sauces and condiments are most likely not gluten free. So unless they are labeled gluten free, don't even bother asking, as most people unfortunately are pretty ignorant about what contains or doesn't gluten free.

Here in Austin, I pretty much know just about all the gluten free friendly restaurants. But when I first became gluten free, one of things I did was call ahead to ask if a restaurant had gluten free options.

Last tip: Remember that oats aren't always gluten free, and unless a restaurant tells you that they specifically ordered gluten free oats, I'd err on the side of caution.

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