Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Simple vegetarian recipes and dishes are the way to go if you're a beginner cook or you're just starting out as a vegetarian.

All the recipes here are of course gluten free, but if you're not diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerant, you can use wheat flour whenever other flours are called for.

As an example, I use corn tortillas a lot for my recipes, but many people who don't react badly to gluten find that giving up their wheat tortillas isn't very appealing.

Another reason you will love going the simple vegetarian recipes way? They are suited to the everyday cook - the busy mom who has just enough time to make a quick meal while her baby naps, the newly single guy who still wants a nice home cooked meal.

Elaborate meals that take 3 hours to prepare are great once in a while - unless of course you're Martha Stewart ;)

Fun & Easy Cooking

Pete's Indian Vegetarian Curry Recipe - I learned this recipe from my partner. When he became single after having been married since he was 18, he had no clue how to make a single real meal to save his life.

vegetarian curry

He just never learned to cook, because, well, somebody else had always taken care of that for him.

He's a fast learner though. So he quickly set out teaching himself how to make some simple vegetarian recipes to maintain his healthy eating habits.

Luckily, he happened to have an Indian friend (like actually from India ;) who was kind enough to teach him some incredibly picante vegetarian indian food recipes.

Here's the recipe exactly as he learned it >>>>

Finger-licking vegetarian chili recipe - After I became vegetarian, I wondered if I'd ever be able to recreate the beef chili recipe that had become one of my favorite meals to cook and eat.

vegetarian chili

I love meals that are quick and easy - the Rachel Ray type meals that don't require you to have years of training and experience as a chef.

Chili is one of those types of foods that can be adapted into simple vegetarian recipes. Moreover, chili is very scalable - you can cook lots of it because, not only does it keep well, it actually tastes better the day after.

This vegetarian chili recipe is one that I adapted from my days of cooking beef recipes. Go to next page for recipe >>>>

Healthy vegetarian recipes gallery

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